Deep Six

I'm pretty organized.
When I start a project, I gather all the necessary fabric, trim notions, in a ziplock and I whenever ready or in the mood, I start on the project. 
I started this three years ago and you know what? I am not going to finish it. I hate the color, I hate the fabric I chose, I hate the fit, I loath the crotch, I hate the tiny pockets, this style of pants doesn't suit me and I am never ever going to wear them even if finish them. 

So I unpicked the zipper and chucked it.
This is supposed to be liberating right? It's not. I still have so much work. Pants geometry eludes me. I have yet to make a pair that looks, feels and fit right. 
I keep delaying the toile making, but I'm running out of options my favorite jeans are about to die and I'll have to do something about this very soon.
So I bought a Japanese jeans pattern, my favorite pair is Japanese, and I have just received the pant pattern that comes with Sandra Betzina's class.
I'll eventually get to a near distant future.

C'est Mort!

Je suis assez organisée.
Quand je commence un projet, je mets dans un ziploc toutes les fournitures nécessaires et dès que je suis dans le mood, je commence le projet.
J'ai commencé ce pantalon il y a 3 ans et vous savez quoi? Je ne le finirai jamais. Je hais la couleur, je hais le tissu choisi, je hais le tombé, je hais l'entrejambe, je hais les toutes petites poches, le modèle ne me va pas du tout et même si je le finissais, je ne le porterais pas.

J'ai donc décousu le zip et j'ai jeté le reste.
J'ai fait ça en pensant me sentir libérée, mais non. Faire un beau pantalon me semble insurmontable, la géométrie m'échappe. Je n'ai jamais fait de pantalon qui me sied parfaitement.
Je retarde la fabrication d'une toile mais mes options s'amenuisent, mon jean favori va bientôt me lâcher, et il faudra bien que je m'y mette très bientôt.
J'ai donc achetĂ© un patron de jeans japonais, mon jeans favori vient du Japon, et je viens de recevoir le patron qui vient avec la classe de Sandra Betzina. 
Je vais finir par m'y coller...dans un distant futur proche.

The Two Year Old Pair of Pants

My only 2010 resolution was to finish these pants.
I'm not good with pants, let me rephrase this, I am excellent at wearing pants, but not good at making them. I don't understand them, I can't see them in my head. Every attempt at making them has been fraught with hair pulling, teeth grinding and seam ripper madness. I can never get a good enough fit. There is a scrap heap of abandoned pant muslims hidden in a corner of the house. Once in a while though, I go throught this phase where I think maybe I should give it another try.
I must have been very depressed when I bought this pattern, thinking that view A would make excellent slim pants and I know I didn't read the description because it's got 17 pattern pieces!
Anyhow, I started on them, and against my better judgement and instinct, I followed the instructions in a fit of I'll-certainly-learn-some-more-if-I-do-it-like-they-tell-me-to. After a while, my instinct whispering abaited and was replaced by screaming : "This is wrong, It doesn't make sense, You'll get into trouble, You fool! Now go get your seam ripper and last, I told you so!"
So just in case, before cutting these, you should take a look at Sandra Betzina's video about the Flat Fly-Front which specifically tell you NOT to follow pattern instructions and Kathleen Fasanella tutorials on Welt Pockets which also tell you the same thing. 
Maybe I should trust myself a little more, I am sure I'd get better results than this : 

Seam ripper where art thou!

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