Vogue Couturier Jean Muir 2883

I have a thing for Jean Muir patterns, I really like making them. They are very complicated, beautifully drafted, very feminine and when I made this one, in 2003, Jojovich-Hawk was the new fashion house and I thought they were heavily borrowing.

The only change I made to the pattern is that I put in an invisible zipper but, this was before I got the wonderful plastic invisible zipper foot, so it's a little askew.
I love this dress, I made it out of a really soft rayon knit that feels really good on the skin, but I hardly ever wear it, it makes me look like a grieving widow.

I wore it yesterday though, for yesterday I went to Noëlle's funeral. Noëlle was a fine woman, one of the first person to be very nice to me when I moved here and I will forever be thankful for her warm welcome.

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