McCall's 6044 Clippings

So this is it, these were the clippings left after a full day of sewing the second shirt
...and I was able to make a whole shirt in a day which is quite extraordinary for me because I am such a slow worker.
For some projects like TNT patterns, collars, cuffs, flaps and anything enclosed, I strongly recommend smaller seam allowances. It makes setting sleeves and sewing curves easier. If, after years of sewing 5/8", you are not comfortable with 1/4" seam allowances, practice on scraps. You'll be sold! 
I made good use of that little tool I bought in the spring to set the sleeves like Pam "the shirtmaster" and as you can see, I also put a piece of tape on the plate at 3/8" to make sure my eyes were not deceiving me as I pretty much have a 5/8" radar eye.
I've listed all the tutorials I've used in previous posts about that pattern. Colette had a good post on industrial sewing techniques and Sewaholic recently raised the sewing margin question and there is a Craftsy class on the subject.
Have fun!

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