Vogue 8648 -The Large Hem

I may have figured it out!
I have been pinning some extra wide hemmed skirts since I saw that Vuitton leather skirt a couple of years ago wondering how it was done and I found a solution. 
An extra wide hem is difficult to do because you have to take in all of this fullness and so I tried to work around that by making a separate 18cm pattern piece for the hem which mirrors exactly the skirt's.

I made the dress, let it hang for a couple of days, marked the hemline, sewed the back and front hem band and adjusted them to the new curve on the side. I pressed the top of the hem pieces and then sewed, understitched and topstitched the new hem in place (I used the black tape on the right side as a sewing guide). 

This by no means is a tutorial as I am not entirely sure it's the right way to do this. I do think it's a good alternative to horsehair braid which is hard to come by around this part of the world and it works beautifully. 
When I walk, my knees kick the skirt in front of me just like it would on a runaway and it makes me feel like a million dollar babe.
That can't be bad! 

4 commentaires :

  1. It's interesting to see "old" methods coming back - everything old is new again. :) I make 1800s costumes, and this is the method they used "back in the day" to hem their skirts. Glad to see that you are pleased with your hem!

    1. This is awesome, is there a reference somewhere that I could check out or direct my readers towards?

  2. I never thought of this as an alternative to horsehair but you're right - a faced hem has wonderful body.


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