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Illustration Clare Owen

The ChloĂ© dress has an insane amount of prep before I start sewing for real, the fabric is shifty, I have to underline, blah! blah! I am not here to complain as I know the result will be spectacular and it's part of the game now is it? You want spectacular, you have to do the work. 
I've started cutting, the fabric is shifty, I am wondering whether to starch before sewing, whether liquid fabric stabilisers exist in France, if I can find some around here... I'll stop here, my inner dialog is not really interesting.
I've added a little Pinterest pinboard button to the left-side. If you want to know, this is where I see a lot of the artwork I put up here and on my Facebook page. They are still in Beta but if there are enough of us dressmaking people, we could take over a little corner of it and mutually inspire each other. I have 5 invites with which to part, go check it out and if you like it, leave a comment either here or on my FB page and I'll draw and forward the invites next week.

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