I've been had! I was concentrating so much on interlining like The Slapdash Sewist, that I failed to see that : 
  1. I cut two right fronts
  2. I sewed one of the back pieces on the wrong side.
This would normally go on the UFO pile, but I still have lots of fabric left, so I'll recut. It took the wind out of me though, so this project is starting to look more like a New Year's Eve dress than a Christmas one!
Who wants a little mistake zippered pouch? Tell me about your mistakes in the comments, it won't make me feel better, but I'll feel less alone!

1 commentaire :

  1. Oh, I've done that too but my biggest mistake was, when sewing the skirt of my sister's wedding dress to the bodice in triple stitch as it was so thick, when I flipped it out... the skirt was inside-out!! I couldn't even cry ... I went into my room and unpicked it carefully ... took me three hours!!


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