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In case you come here often, you may have noticed that I spend a lot of time in front of my computer  tinkering with the site, adding little buttons and experimenting with HTML, CSS and the stiff Blogger template. As with all newfound knowledge, there is a lot of trial and error going on here. Go, click about, and report any problems with links not working and such. I also take suggestions.
Fortunately, my sewing chops are better and I cut a muslin of this housecoat pattern earlier this week.
Now, I can hear you ask 'why would I make a muslin of this? It's a checked fleece housecoat, nobody but the mailman will ever see it, so what if the darts are a little high!'
But can't you see what I see? Wouldn't B length with the A sleeves make a beautiful, red, warm, winter coat? I need to figure out the ease needed to fit interlining for warmth, how much tailoring I'll be doing, how much longer the ties will be and decide if I am going to keep the gathers at the waist, pleat or do a simple A line.
Now that you're seeing what I'm thinking, I'll take suggestions too.

2 commentaires :

  1. Ooh that would be a great coat, what a fantastic idea! I'd keep the gathers at the waist if you can, if your fabric isn't too thick. Except that gathers might be too bulky with interlining too.. so perhaps pleats would be better, then you could cut the interlining to fit the already-pleated dimensions? I like the ties at the length on the cover, especially with the cute pointed ends.
    What a fun project! Look forward to seeing your progress.

  2. @Tasia, I did read some place but I can't remember where, that if you want to gather a heavy wool underlined garment, you don't underline the gathered part. It makes sense as it would cut bulk, now I have to find where exactly I read that, and then, find the right fabric at the right price, around here, it's no small feat!


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