I just got sidetracked, so the Oscar De La Renta is not finished.
I was casually looking up fabric on the web and saw this : Alexander Henry's Thunder Flower. I thought OMG and then sent the picture to my niece who's really into Mangas and she said OMFG and I just spent most of my free time looking for this fabric because I realized it was from the 2009 collection, it's all kind of back order everywhere and we might not ever see it again. Etsy sellers, a good place to look for funky fabrics, once again came through with some yardage which I added to my US fabric stash.

I got 3 yards of the pink one, 2 of the red one and 3 of the blue one. I have lots of nieces and sisters so I need the yardage. I am thrilled.

Oooh! Meanwhile my brother, not wanting to be left out got me Wranglers for pyjama pants.

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