Vogue Paris Original 1557

I make dresses I can’t wear anywhere. Sometimes twice.

One of the reason I don't wear this one, is that I can't walk with view B, it was designed for standing only.

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  1. Hi !

    Thanks you so much for your article.

    I'm french and I search the pattern or the equivalence patterm of "mondrian dress". Maybe you keep this magazine, and you would like share, scanning the page of the pattern with me .....

    Please answer me I waiting for this pattern since so many time !

  2. Bravo Carmencita! C'est déjà beaucoup mieux que mon pantalon cigarette circa 1960 en bleu carotté que je m'étais confectionné dans mon cours d'économie familiale. Hehe!!!

  3. Emilie, J'ai le patron Ă  la maison, Ă©cris-moi et on va trouver une solution.
    carmencitab @ carmencitab . com

  4. Rachelle, Ton prof était probablement très mauvais, s'il t'a laissé faire un pantalon pour ton premier projet de couture. En général vaut mieux se pratiquer sur une jaquette!

  5. I couldn't resist to comment... This dress looks gorgeous - in fact they both do!! Great blog, keep up the good work! :)

  6. Ha ha ha! Designed for standing only! It's a great dress - I followed your link from the MMM12 flickr group. I've wanted this dress for a very long time! Love it!

  7. Shorten it so you can walk! Hehe. It looks cool!

  8. Its a while since you published this post, but I just wanted to say "Bravo". It looks terrific and I think it only needs a side spilt to make it more wearable. I love it. And your blog.

  9. RĂ©ponses
    1. Hi there. I have this same original 60's pattern. If you were going to sell it, which I know you aren't, what price would you put on it? I am going to sell mine. As you know it is EXTREMELY rare and collectible and I don't want to underprice it. Thanks. Susan

  10. hi Carmen, i love the dress, can i buy it? Or can i buy a copie of the pattern?
    Thanks and. Best regards


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