May 4th, Teal Traina

I have a closetful of stuff that never see the light of day. 
This Teal Traina pattern coatdress in stretch silk is one of them. It was made when I got a real kick out of making complicated stuff with couture details. I have since sobered up and sew stuff I can wear everyday.  When I look at them, I am saddened by all the hard work that no one ever sees, but if you look on the bright side, this is how I got my sewing education. 
I should do a post about little tricks for wearing silk in your day to day life. You know tell you to wear gloves for doing the dishes and an apron being mandatory and avoid cooking with oil or frying anything! 
I couldn't get a good picture of myself today, I look like a stewardess from the 70's, except that at that time, there were no stewardesses my age so it's not pretty. Also I lost about 5kg since I made it and it's huge. So for now, I'll show you my crummy bound buttonhole, my first, and one more example of how much I like a bias finish.
But beleive you me, I am wearing it today, Me-Made-May makes you do the darnest things!

Update : you can see here, it's way too big.

May 3rd : Another T-Shirt

It's way too cold to bother wearing anything else than pants and a t-shirt!
It was 26° C last week and now it's 5°. I may get my sweaters out!
I look like a flasher, but really, I am not that perverted unless you say : Sewing!
(Merci Marianne!) 

May 2nd : T-Shirt Refashion

Day 2 of Me-Made-May (MMM from now on), the weather took a turn for the worst and all I am wearing is this tiny t-shirt. I made it so long ago, that it's really short on the hips and that it turned grey and I had to dye it again. But I get smiles when I wear it!
We shot (Merci Caroline!), I got my sweater and jacket back on and I went home to cut up some more XXXL t-shirts for this Burda Kimono Tee I am working on.
Go look at the Flickr Pool, there is some really pretty hand made garments there.

May 1st, Vogue 9133

It's my birthday today and here I am with my "Serious Grilling Weber Starter Kit" which is either a sign summer is coming or Mr Carmencitab's hint at what he'd like to eat.
I should really make this again AS intended, which is in a nice yellow knit. I have been walking around fabric stores with this pattern in hand for years, yes I carry my patterns, looking for a suitable knit and so far, I've had no luck. I would love to make the combo dress-coat and go to lunch. It does look like the perfect lunch outfit. As it is, in a light japanese cotton plaid with paisley print, it's stiff and really, I should go looking for a belt.

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