The Vivienne Westwood Miscalculation

I don't wanna talk about it.
I've always been careful not to drink and sew, but apparently a slight hangover can also impair your better judgement as well as erase all of your sewing knowledge. I am going back to bed!

Sew Inspired

Found Installation Series - Jean Shin

I just learned 2 valuable lessons : when sewing, I will never say I'll fix this up later and, I need to sew inspired, stash busting is not my cup of tea.
This project got a wrong-footed start, I bought a two piece wool jersey coupon which after washing turned out to be one wool coupon with a hole and one acrylic coupon... yikkes!


I don't have a huge stash as I never buy fabric if I don't know exactly what I am going to do with it. The original idea, a mid-tigh wool dress to wear with leggings, was, quite literally, scrapped by this unsound fabric purchase.
I have nightmare visions that my stash is starting to look like one of Jean Shin's pile of found things, unmanageable, and I don't like to waste, so I thought I would try to make something pretty out of it anyway. It's the 'anyway' part that led me into trouble.

Found Installation Series - Jean Shin

I opted for a very simple belted short sleeve tunic and had to compromise at every step because I didn't have enough fabric... and then I said : "I'll fix the collar later", which was the very last of a series of design, construction, sewing, ironing and handling mistakes I made throughout.
I am not happy with the result which looks amateurish. I won't be showing it to you, you will not learn a thing from my mistakes. Just remember to sew inspired.
I took my machine in for service, it needed a break... and so did I!

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