Brenda Leigh Johnson And Her Costume Designer

Photos from the TNT website

I have never aspired to dress like a fictional character. That would mean dressing like everybody!
But sometimes, there is a fictional character that I will like more than others because of the costume attention they get. Brenda Leigh Johnson of The Closer is one of them. I want to see what she is going to wear. 
There is so much attention to costume details in that show, that though set in modern times, I put it on par with Mad Men, another favorite costume details tv series I watch.
All this attention is the fine work of Mr Greg LaVoi who has a blog on the TNT site where he tells you where he buys her stuff, how he mixes, recuts and matches vintage, designer, store bought, hand made and H&M. I like that he does repeats, where Brenda wears the same thing often, just like us, and I love her jackets and oooh! and aaah! in front of the tv every episode.

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