The Week Of Plenty : Take 2

The day I wrote my second post, my sister said she'd picked up a Mondrian themed knitting magazine from 1977. St-Laurent was soooo ahead of it's time, that it took 11 years to trickle down to the mainstream.
I am not going to make this, knitting sweaters for Brittany weather is usless, it's never really cold, cardigans are warm enough and it rains a lot so I have been thinking about raincoats and a nice red wool coat for everyday wear this winter.

This one, from Armelle's vintage patterns collection, is a raincoat contender. I picked it up because I like the way the welt pockets are included into the princess seams. There is only one slight problem with  it. It's got no instructions! They probably were in the magazine that the pattern was mail ordered from. So I am looking for the March 1967 issue of Modes & Travaux no.795. Or if any of you knows how to do this, because I don't think I can make my own instructions for that pocket.

A quick look inside brought a big surprise, the pattern was stamped! A handmade pattern! 

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