My New Sewing Tool

I love my iPad and yes, I consider it my new sewing tool. 
It takes better close up pictures than any other devices in the house, I can watch my Craftsy classes in the comfort of my favorite recliner, read and prepare blog posts, comment on them, prop it up near the machine for complicated tutorials, do quick research on some techniques, pullout the stuff I have bookmarked for reference, make notions shopping lists, read your mail, photograph the back of pattern envelopes for yardage, it's endless! 
Next, somebody will come up with a application to do my pattern drafting and I'll just have to press print!
This device has reduced the back and forth computer shuffle I was doing all the time to zero which may mean I'll have to exercise more, but I do love it. I feel so put together and organized!
Should I need to bring it with me somewhere like a hypothetical sewing blogger meet up in a far far away country... because it doesn't look like there is going to be a reunion of anything anytime soon around here, I made a bag for it.

Map The Sewinists

It's pretty simple construction-wise, several rectangles put together, but I did want some features that I haven't seen much in iPad carriers, mostly a little bit more space to put in a charger, a phone, fabric samples and bits and bobs because, you know I'm a girl and need the extra space. I made two, the other one is going to a Pay It Forward recipient (you know that bit right? you make a handmade gift for five random people and they in turn make a handmade gift for five random people, I set it up on my personal FB page).

I quite like it actually and have been using it as a handbag, it's a good size, roomy enough for my knick-knackery, it's practical, it matches my coat and all the materials used come from either another project, like the blue bag, or the local Salvation Army. You can't be feeling bad about that!
Though it needs refinement and fine tuning solely for aesthetic's purposes, it's a good bag. And when I'm finished with using it everyday, it'll do a fine job of carrying an electronic device. 
The next bag is coming soon anyway!

9 commentaires :

  1. genius! i am addicted to my ipad too :)

  2. I never thought of an iPad as a sewing tool (becaue I don't have one) but the point you make about reducing the shuffling back and forth from the computer makes so much sense. Perhaps I should convince the husband to get one ;) Also, nice fabric on that bag, and it looks super functional.

  3. You give me more reason to buy an Ipad! I like your bag - is the blue part leather? It looks great!

    1. It is leather I think it comes from vintage car. It's really bright blue.

  4. Hey I see you have trumped me getting a message to you that I received the surprise! Thank you so much - very thoughtful and I am surprised at how accurate you are in your choice for me! I will reveal all in the next few days on the blog (when I get a moment!).

  5. Oh, wow, there is noone around here either (i.e. only one but without address. I suspect it was a mistake?)! I'd love to come and visit your part of the world, though. :-)
    The sewintists map is a fantastic idea, isn't it?

    1. It is, we have to keep on sewing and teaching people how to sew, spreading the word in our necks of the wood. If you do come by, tell me!

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