La Toile / The Muslin - Vogue 7467

I have toiles on my mind these days.
I've been making a lot of muslins, for me and other people, and I've been watching Suzan Khalje's Couture sewing class while waiting for my free pattern to arrive and it starts with the making of a proper muslin and the other day, I had to chuck this wearable one which I had made for the Claire Shaeffer Vogue 7467 and it hurt a little bit because I put a lot of work into it.
For the longest time, I thought that making wearable muslins with cheaper materials was a good idea in a 2 for 1 kinda thing, but I'm not so sure anymore. You can't mark it, you have to actually make 2 garments without cutting any corners, it won't fit as well and then you realize that you won't wear it as much because of the cheap material you used but you can't quite bring yourself to chuck it because you spent so much time on it.
The above wearable muslin added about two weeks of work, lots of hand sewing and 5 years or so later, it went to the garbage because at the time, it was just a muslin you know, I didn't quite follow the underlining instructions, which lead to this fraying under the arms whereas the good one is still getting regular wear. 
It feels like more of a waste of time than if I'd made a regular muslin. 
Seeing that spectacular lining go to the garbage was sad. 
Fortunately, I still have a bit of that in my stash.

J'ai des toiles plein la tĂŞte ces jours-ci.
J'ai fait plein de toiles, pour moi et d'autres personnes, et j'ai commencĂ© Ă  regarder la classe de haute-couture avec Suzan Khalje sur Craftsy, en attendant de recevoir le patron, et ça commence avec une toile en bonne et due forme. (Pourquoi y'a pas de cours de couture comme ceux-ci, en français, je vous le demande!) Puis l'autre jour, j'ai mis la "toile portable" du Claire Shaeffer Vogue 7467 Ă  la poubelle et ça m'a fait un peu de peine, j'y avais mis beaucoup de travail.
Pendant très longtemps, je pensais que faire des "toiles portables" avec un matériel moins cher était une économie, genre 2 pour 1, mais je n'en suis plus aussi certaine. On ne peut pas le marquer, il faut fabriquer 2 vêtements dont un qui ne vous ira pas très bien, le tissu pas cher ne vous plaît pas autant, vous ne le portez pas aussi souvent mais vous ne pouvez pas vous résoudre à le jeter, il y a tellement de travail dedans.
La veste ci-haut à ajouté 2 semaines de fabrication à mon projet, une tonne de finition à la main et 5 ans après, parce que je n'ai pas suivi toutes les instructions d'entoilage vu que "ce n'était qu'une toile", elle s'est tout effilochée sous la manche alors que l'autre est toujours portée régulièrement.
J'aurais dĂ» faire une toile normale, j'aurais perdu moins de temps. 
La doublure est assez spectaculaire et j'avais un peu les boules de la jeter. 
Heureusement, il m'en reste un peu en lieu sûr.

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  1. I just started using old faded bedsheets to make muslins - it's relaxing, because I know I would never wear them (and it's cheaper than buying fabric)

  2. J'ai juste commencé à utiliser vieux draps disparu pour faire mousselines - c'est relaxant, parce que je sais que je n'aurais jamais les porter (et c'est moins cher que d'acheter des tissus)

    Thank you, "Google Translate" :-)

    1. Indeed merci Google translate, though a muslin in sewing is more accurately a toile.

  3. I never made a muslin, this is not a custom in my country, in fact, I do not know what it was before I met a muslin blogger ...

  4. Ah Ms C, the dreaded toile. I confess to only doing it a couple of times out of old bed sheets too. Would much rather get stuck into the "real" fabic. But you are demonstrating extreme patience and I know you will be rewarded with a well fitting jacket in the end. Bravo you.
    I wildly enlisted in the skirt fitting lessons recently offered by PatternReview. Definitely worthwhile. I now plan to always construct a toile first every time.....well almost every time...possibly.....better go an read my notes again and keep the motivation.
    I still intend on sewing up your pattern I won from you many moons ago - just keep getting distracted and I haven't found the right fabric yet.
    kind regards

  5. I guess it all depends on the project, I would indeed rather cut into the fabric, but I feel I owe this wool some consideration. I paid a lot for it and it would break my heart and pocketbook to make something that didn't fit. Si I soldier on!

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