I just purchased Burda 7517 (hot results here). It's another attempt at sewing Burda, which I invariably find difficult to sew. But hey! this one has pictures inside with their criptic un-spell-checked French instructions! So I am going to give it a try once again. 
This of course is part of my ongoing attempt to make stuff I wear everyday. But in reality, I want to sew this, from Chanel's Haute Couture collection.

Now where would I wear this I ask you? For, hear my lamentations here, nobody dresses for anything anymore, so I am always overdressed. Even at a recent funeral where I thought it appropriate to wear black when it turned out, nobody else was or, at a recent baptism where I was to become godmother to a wonderful little girl, in the green satin suit that you can see here in action, where people wore jeans. 

Oscar Wilde said: "You can never be overdressed or overeducated." I have lived by that, but really, wouldn't my sewing life be more fun if I was to make this Dior number in pink terrycloth to go to the beach instead?

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  1. Sigh, today's attitude toward dressing makes me want to cry.
    One more thing to add to your list of unproper dressing is total black at weddings.

    And I'd really love to see the terry gown!!

  2. I agree! I tend to be overdressed at events, especially with people of my age (mid-twenties to early thirties). I just like to feel pretty, and dress with purpose! Jeans and a tee shirt just don't work for all occasions.

  3. @Barbara if I can find the time, I might make it. Coming out of the bathroom in style would be hapiness inducing for sure. @Tasia I'm 20 years older than you are and wanting to feel pretty on a special occasion never goes away!

  4. Ah,Carmencita,tu as raison,ma maman m'a toujours dit qu'il fallait être bien habillée et ,non seulement on se sent jolie,mais cela donne une certaine assurance.Ce qui m'a été utile dans de nombreuses occasions.
    Bonne couture,dear.
    folie de mode


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