Happiness is 3 meters of Dutch Java print drying on the clothes line and a very nice personnal message from Yoshimi who's feather skirt is to die for!

Stunt Dress

I am the kind of girl who has several stashes. Yes several!
I have one at my Mom's, stuff I bought when a teenager, one at home here and when I find good stuff I can't pass on the net and the seller doesn't ship to Europe, I have it shipped in the US at my brother's or in Canada at my sister's. When I visit, I fill my suitcases with it and come home.
Last summer, I got really inspired by this African wax we bought in Gabon something like 20 years ago. It's just screaming "Stunt Dress!", the kind my stunt dress mentor, Erin of A Dress A Day pulls off all the time. She sews Darth Vader, Crosswords dresses for special occasions and looks good in all of them!
I love her blog, it's funny, well written and full of really cool information. RSS it if you like sewing and dresses.
Once I have the dress, I'll have to find a place where journalists gather!

ps Erin once thought I was worthy of a post which I thought was really cool. Thank you!

Sewing For Two : Kenzo Butterick 4969

Here is last year's installment of Sewing For Two (I have tons of those as my sister and I have been doing this for years). This time with a 70's Kenzo pattern. I love bias tape, I use it a lot! The thought of finishing an entire garment with it was way too good to pass up.


Happiness for a sewer is to have enough bias tape to finish a project.
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