Pyjama Pants Sing Along

Oh! Hello cutie, nice top stitching!
I laughed a lot all week. I also sang all week but instead of singing The Who, I sang The Monty Python's Lumberjack Song. Do you sing and laugh while sewing? I do and I fear I may be losing my mind.
I made these with very specific instructions from my brother who knows what he wants.

- A pocket on the right leg just above to knee to fit his phone with a buttonhole for his earbuds.

-Very long legs with cuffs.

- And, a fly with unopened buttonholes in the elastic casing just in case he looses weight.

Should you need good fly instructions, I found some on the Print Sew website which gave good results, and if you are a beginner seamstress, there is a very simple free pattern on the Simplicity website which I might actually use for making my own pj pants. I probably have something suitable in stash, I now have "some" experience and I should be able to whip some up pretty quickly for summer lounging. 
You should expect to see more of the boys as I have some big scraps left because of the large print matching. There might be some more aprons in the works.

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